Richie Harrington Films


Writer, Director, Producer

Richie Harrington grew up in Boston, MA and graduated from the University of Miami. He was studying to become a doctor when he had a quarter life crisis and decided to pursue his true passion of writing and directing film. After moving to Los Angeles, Richie started as an assistant at Rain Management Group for two TV Lit managers. He then worked as Michael Bay's assistant during post production of Transformers 5 and preproduction of 6 Underground. Richie most recently served as David O. Russell's creative executive on David's upcoming feature film, Amsterdam, starring Christian Bale, Margot Robbie, and John David Washington.

Richie is best known for co-creating the web series Welcome to WeHo, writing and directing the crime drama A Family Business, and directing music videos for talker and Revo. Richie produces under the Mediform Productions banner with frequent collaborators Trevor Alpert, Tyler Strauss, and Bill Moranon. His latest short film, The Men in White, premiered at the Culver City Film Festival, won the Neo Noir Film Award at the LA Neo Noir Film Festival, and was an official selection in the New York Psychedelic Film and Music Festival.

He is currently developing the comic book series, Liberators, with artist Megan Huang as well as directing music videos, producing short films, and writing features and pilots. His inspirations include: Paul Thomas Anderson, The Coen Brothers, Gus Van Sant, Wes Anderson, Martin Scorsese, Quentin Tarantino, Darren Aronofsky, David Lynch, David O. Russell, John Carpenter, Edgar Wright, Tim Burton, Francis Ford Coppola, Stanley Kubrick, Sophia Coppola, David Cronenberg, and many others.