Welcome to WeHo (Web Series)

Logline: When Richie and Trevor wake up half naked in bed together after a night of blacking out from drinking, they ask their friend Morgan to help piece together what happened.

Episode 1: "7:39pm"
Richie and Trevor try to piece together last night. They start with the pregame.

Directed by: Morgan Roger
Written by: Richie Harrington

Episode 2: "10:16pm"
Richie and Trevor meet Toni at a bar.. that's very welcoming.

Directed by: Nicholas Punales
Written by: Trevor Alpert

Episode 3: "11:45pm"
Richie and Trevor meet up with Morgan and her friends.

Directed by: Andrew Allen
Written by: Richie Harrington

Episode 4: "1:00am"
The gang gets drunk food.

Directed by: Richie Harrington
Written by: Richie Harrington

Episode 5: "2:26am"
Morgan, Richie, and Trevor finally piece together what happened, and learn something else as well.

Directed by: Trevor Alpert
Written by: Trevor Alpert

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